Small Business Owners

Acclaro and Small Businesses

If you own a small company or are self-employed you can be proud of being a driving force in the United States economy.  Small, dynamic businesses represent the heart and soul of the entrepreneurial spirit, employing 36% of the U.S. workforce.

The associates at Acclaro have over 30 years of experience with small businesses.  Acclaro can serve as your Personal Assistant in developing:

  • Small business retirement plans – Save tax dollars for you and your employees by deferring for retirement.
  • Small business flexible spending plans – Provide more options for you and your employees and save even more tax dollars.
  • Medical and dental plans – Meet new government regulations in the most efficient manner.
  • Succession plans and exit strategies – Plan now to save money and prevent emotional distress in the future.

Reasons to consider working with us

  • You want advice as to the best retirement plan for your business.
  • You have an accountant but would like someone who could assist you in the investment of your retirement funds.
  • Your business takes all of your time and you would like assistance with your personal finances.
  • You are concerned about the transfer of your business if you should need to retire.

Running your business is more than a full time job. Attending to growing your business, assuring profitability, providing your customers with the best services and products, meeting the demands of government and managing employees leaves little time. We can help you focus on what you do best, being a business owner.