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Got Tax Deductions?

Here are some real life attempts at tax deductions that we do not recommend:

Not Internet – Interbird?
Two business partners in Arizona did not trust modern technology for communicating with each other. The two thought it made sense to communicate using carrier pigeons. So they attempted to write off the pigeons, as well as their care, food and housing as a business expense.

Flatter is Better?
Writing off breast enlargements has actually been approved as a business expense for exotic dancers. But one public personality added a new twist: she wanted to write off her tummy tuck as well. She argued that both larger breasts and a smaller stomach would translate into bigger tips on the job.

Fake Eyelashes?
Speaking of exotic dancers, they need to maintain their looks in order to rake in tips — and that means shelling out some serious cash for costumes and cosmetics. For years, one dancer in New York has been able to deduct the money she spends on looking good, including outfits, photos and makeup — even false eyelashes, tanning, teeth whitening and skin and hair care. The amounts vary from year to year, but typically it all adds up to a few thousand dollars.

One job hunter tried to write off his dental implants as a job-hunting expense, arguing that he had a better chance of getting a job with a full set of pearly whites.

No matter how much you love your pet, be it a dog, cat, fish or pig, you can’t count them as a dependent on your tax forms and you can’t deduct their expenses. One individual wanted to write off the cost of the pig’s food and medical costs, which added up to more than $7,000. The tax preparer explained that it says in the tax code that it must be a person. The individual was disappointed and argued that he didn’t know what he was talking about.

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